The Internet Naturally Photoshopped Donald Trump’s Celebratory Meal Of McDonald’s


After clinching the Republican nomination by securing the necessary 1,237 delegates needed on Thursday, Donald Trump celebrated in the most Donald Trump fashion ever with a fine meal of McDonald’s aboard his private jet. Of course, Trump can’t so much as post a photo of himself eating without contradicting himself and coming off as a giant, inflated windbag of a hypocrite, so many were quick to point out his previous remarks about Diet Coke, a bottle of which is seen sitting prominently next to him.

Welp, to be fair, Trump ain’t thin. So I guess you could almost say… he was inadvertently being honest this time? I’m so confused.

But the internet still wasn’t done with Donald Trump just by casually reminding him once again of his lies and hypocrisy, so a Photoshop battle quickly broke out on Reddit to properly ridicule the GOP candidate.

We’ll start out with the most apt comparison:

This user thought he needed more ketchup:

“You gonna eat that?”

Tony Montana would actually be a less terrifying candidate:

The camera adds a few pounds:


It’s a Trump eat Trump world?


Our own Andy Isaac even got in on the fun:

And finally, the biggest takeaway, here:

(Via Reddit)