The FBI Raid On Trump’s Lawyer Was Looking For Records Relating To The Infamous ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape

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Earlier this week, the FBI raided the home and offices of President Trump’s lawyer and longtime fixer Michael Cohen after a federal judge signed off on a warrant. They seized documents related to Cohen’s pay-off to his employer’s alleged former mistress Stephanie Clifford, otherwise known as Stormy Daniels, as well as other subjects of interest. According to new reports, one of these topics of interest was the infamous Access Hollywood tape, in which a pre-politics Trump bragged to Billy Bush about committing sexual assault.

The agents were searching for all records related to the tape, as well as any evidence that Cohen had suppressed potentially damaging information for Trump during the 2016 campaign. According to the New York Times:

It is not clear what role, if any, Mr. Cohen played regarding the tape, which was made public a month before the election. But the fact that the agents were seeking documents related to the tape reveals a new front in the investigation into Mr. Cohen that is being led by the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan.

Following the raid, Trump grew more confrontational toward Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Sources close to the White House also think that the raid will make it far less likely that the president will voluntarily sit down for his long-hoped-for interview with Mueller.

(Via New York Times)