Sean Hannity’s Reaction After Fox News Confirmed That Trump Tried To Fire Robert Mueller Is Beyond Parody

Shortly before Sean Hannity hit the Fox News airwaves on Thursday night, the New York Times reported that President Trump ordered the biggest pain in his butt, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, to be fired last summer. Multiple NYT sources weren’t good enough for Hannity, who barreled into denial mode and insisted that the publication was trying to “distract” America, and “our sources” hadn’t confirmed the story. While Hannity was still on the air, however, Fox News did confirm the NYT report as true, and we can thank Matt Fuller of the Huffington Post for tweeting this back-to-back video evidence of Hannity’s slamming of the report and his hilarious response to the update:

“Alright, so we have sources tonight just confirming that …. yeah, maybe Donald Trump wanted to fire the special counsel for a conflict. Does he not have the right to raise those questions? You know, we’ll deal with this tomorrow night. We have a shocking video-of-the-day to bring you by the way …. [plays a high-speed police-chase video].”

Nothing to see here, folks, but look at that red SUV tearing down the road…

Meanwhile, the report has been confirmed (by a Fox News correspondent), which is not surprising. Trump has always insisted that the possibility of his campaign colluding with Russia is a hoax and “fake news,” and he may have thought that firing Mueller would mean that he’d no longer be investigated for possibly obstructing justice by pressuring James Comey to drop the FBI’s investigation into Michael Flynn. So, he started listing weird “conflicts of interest” that White House counsel Don McGahn knew would never fly because, well, obviously.

Also not shocking? Hannity’s transparent attempt to distract his audience after arguing that the NYT was trying to distract them. This wasn’t quite the finest example of Hannity pulling such shenanigans regarding Trump and Russia, but it’s pretty close.

(Via Fox News & New York Times)