Pay George Zimmerman’s Legal Fees By Buying His Confederate Flag Painting

George Zimmerman in court
Getty Image

George Zimmerman continues to make headlines as an artist selling paintings of the Confederate flag in order to pay his own legal fees. As if this story couldn’t get worse, he’s also selling the paintings to benefit a Florida gun supply store owner, who recently declared his shop a “Muslim-free zone.”

Sounds like a perfectly on-brand partnership. According to Florida Gun Supply’s website, the flag was created in store owner Andy Hallinan’s honor, who is “leading the country into a better, safer America.” Proceeds will not only go to Zimmerman’s legal bills, but to Hallinan’s as well, which were probably incurred in a lawsuit that the Council for American/Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed against the second amendment protector.

In case you were thinking that this painting is an opportunistic stunt, George wants you to know that there’s a lot of meaning behind his painting, you know, on the level of Picasso or something. Per Florida Gun Supply’s website:

“The caption, ‘the 2nd protects the first’ is a double entendre,” said George. “The first flag I painted on this canvas was an American Flag, but decided to repaint over it with the Confederate Flag when I heard Andy was getting sued by CAIR. The 2nd flag I painted was the Battle Flag – which we need in America in order to protect the first.”

Oh, okay, I get it now. And I’m glad this painting is only $50 with a credit card. Not all of us can afford George Zimmerman masterpieces that get auctioned off on eBay for $100,000. Or have the integrity to take a stand by purchasing such brave, subversive artwork.