Watch Gina Gershon’s Spot-On Impression Of Melania Trump For Funny Or Die

One of the more notable moments so far in Donald Trump’s controversial presidential campaign is when his wife Melania spoke at his South Carolina victory rally, and everybody noticed that she’s an immigrant and non-native English speaker. Then she explained how she’s not like those illegal immigrants that her husband keeps railing against.

There’s a lot to satirize here, and Gina Gershon, who looks a lot like the future First Lady (it could actually happen), is the perfect actress to do so. “We are so happy to win on Super Bowl Tuesday!” Gershon says, approximating Trump’s heavy Slovenian accent. They also nail the Trumps’ privilege, with Gershon as Melania saying, “Now I understand so why Arkansas-dashians never leave their state. It is so hard to get here. We took two private jets, and only one had jacuzzi and it wasn’t even gold.”

Gershon also lampoons Trump’s hypocritical stance on immigration: “Thank you so much for letting an immigrant like me come to your country. I am immigrant from good part of the world, the white supermodel part.” She then goes on to say that all immigrants should play by the rules like she did, in getting a visa as a “bikini model,” and then marrying a rich dude. If you elect Donald Trump, then you can achieve that American Dream, as well.