The Resignation Of Hope Hicks Has Produced An Unsurprising Array Of Reactions Online

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Late Wednesday, the New York Times revealed that White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, President Trump’s third since taking office, would be resigning in the near future. Politico and other outlets subsequently confirmed the Times‘ story with official statements from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Chief of Staff John Kelly, and Hicks herself. “I quickly realized what so many have learned about Hope: She is strategic, poised and wise beyond her years,” Kelly told the Times. “She became a trusted adviser and counselor, and did a tremendous job overseeing the communications.” Even so, she’s about to go.

While Times reporter Maggie Habberman took to Twitter to remind readers that Hicks’ resignation did not have a set date as of yet, that didn’t stop the pundits, the would-be comedians, and the trolls from breaking out their best material for the occasion. After all, how often do law-abiding U.S. citizens and Russian bots get to react to such a momentous announcement in the current White House administration? (Turns out, quite a bit.) So without further adieu, here are some of the internet’s best gags concerning the sudden coming departure of Hope Hicks, who is about to join a painfully long list of former Trump staffers.