Katrina Pierson Shocks A Fellow Fox News Guest While Arguing That Slavery Is ‘Good History’ For The U.S.

Given the ongoing fallout over President Trump’s Charlottesville remarks, the White House is largely keeping its surrogates locked down. This resulted in some Sunday morning frustration, as ABC News’ Martha Raddatz noted that the administration would only provide Jerry Falwell, Jr. when asked for an on-air representative. And it seems that they’ve let Katrina Pierson run loose as well, as the spitfire appeared Monday morning on Fox News to spin herself into a tizzy while lamenting the Confederate statue removals taking place across the South and even in Texas early Monday morning.

Pierson clashed with John Hopkins University Professor Wendy Osefo, who argued that these statues are not patriotic symbols, for they represent the “nefarious” rather than the “good part” of U.S. history. Osefo believes the statues belong in museums, but Pierson countered that they should stay in public places because she believes all history is “good history.” Here’s what went down next:

Pierson: “It absolutely deserves a place, because bad history is still good history for this country.”

Osefo: “Slavery is good history?”

Pierson: “Considering where we are today, where we are today. Absolutely!”

Osefo: “Slavery is good history? Absolutely. Oh, wow.”

The Trump surrogate then contended that the Civil War was a valuable learning experience for our country, and she wondered aloud, “How would our children even know how special and how wonderful this country is [without the Civil War] that we can even be having this discussion today?”

Of course, Osefo couldn’t believe what she was hearing when the word “special” dropped and asked, “You know how many people died?” However, Pierson’s still the same surrogate who tried to erase all sexual harassment allegations against Trump with a magical airplane armrest theory, so hoping for a rational discussion on slavery would be similarly fruitless. Pierson simply isn’t gonna give an inch on her version of history. She also tweeted some reinforcement: “It is good to have reminders of why America is so great and that includes the good and bad aspects of historical culture!” #MAGA?

(Via Fox News & Media Matters)