Megyn Kelly Went Toe-To-Toe With Donald Trump In The Most Heated Moment Of The Debate Season

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Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump swapped niceties early on in Fox News’ GOP debate from Detroit on Thursday night, but it did not last long. After Trump was finished talking about his penis size, Kelly finally decided to unleash the hounds on Trump. And the Republican front runner may have faced his worst moment of the campaign.

Kelly and the Fox News team went back to their tactic from the previous debate, showing some of the many clips of Trump flopping back and forth on topics ranging from the war in Iraq to George W. Bush being a liar. Enough to fluster Trump a bit and put him on the spot, but nothing compared to what would come.

It was when Trump University became a topic of discussion, Kelly pulled out several smoking guns and took aim. In between John Kasich getting a moment to speak and Marco Rubio piling on, Trump was hit with revelations about Trump University’s rating from the Better Business Bureau and his claims about the people suing him. It’s honestly the first time that Trump has been flustered on stage, to the point that you could see him sweating.

It’s also one of the first times that Trump was nailed on his actual record during a debate, which is something to applaud given all the back and forth that happens between the candidates. Will it matter in the long run? And is it just part of whatever the GOP strategy is to handle Donald Trump’s possible ascendance to their nomination? No matter what, it was pretty entertaining.

(Via Fox News)

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