Mike Huckabee Is Getting Roasted For A Terrible Joke About Sausage He Made On Twitter

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It’s hardly a little known fact that Mike Huckabee is bad at Twitter. Like, really, really terrible. Whether he’s making up bizarre rhymes to slam Hillary Clinton or using a super poorly worded dog abuse analogy to lampoon Bernie Sanders, the former Arkansas Governor manages to tweet jokes with all of the tact of a corny dad only coming from your racist, homophobic, slightly senile grandpa. It’s almost kind of impressive.

It only makes sense that the self-proclaimed evangelical Huckabee is paying very close attention to the Senate confirmation hearings of the ultra right-wing, pro-life, conservative Supreme Court justice nominee Neil Gorsuch this week, and — oh, you better believe the Huckster is bringing his A-game.

What the heck? What does sausage even have to do with anything? While all three of Huckabee’s tweets are eyebrow-raising, for sure, it was his Jimmy Dean tweet that provoked the most ridicule on Twitter. Many even took the “sausage” remark as an opportunity to once again point out his son David’s history with animal abuse.





Huckabee doesn’t care if you don’t “get” his jokes, though, as he made sure to remind Twitter on Monday evening — likely full aware of the fire tweets he had fired up and coming our way:

If you weren’t cut out for Blossom… Well, take the hint, my friend.