At Least 17 People Have Died Following A Shooting At A High School In Parkland, Florida

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On Wednesday afternoon, the Broward Sheriff’s Office responded to what they dubbed an “active shooter” situation at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. There were early reports of victims, though an exact tally was not initially known. Authorities on the scene subsequently advised others to avoid the scene while footage of students, faculty, and staff evacuating the building aired on CBS News, WSVN, CNN, and multiple local and national outlets. In the most recent tweet, the Broward Sheriff’s Office noted that the unknown shooter was “still at large.”

According to WSVN, a Fox affiliate in Miami, live shots from the scene showed one apparent victim “being wheeled into a Coral Springs Fire Rescue ambulance,” though he was conscious and “on his phone.” At least four other people were seen being treated by emergency personnel who were present at the site. Even so, an exact number of the wounded has not yet been released as the scene at Stoneman Douglas High School remains an active one. Numbers as varied as three and 20 have been reported by CNN and other outlets covering the story.

CNN also reports that, per footage from WSVN and other local outlets in Parkland, “students [can be seen] streaming away from the school… while others [are walking] quickly in orderly lines with their hands on or above their heads.” What’s more, “Dozens of law enforcement vehicles are on site, including one tank, along with a team of heavily armed law enforcement officers.”