The Pope Brings His Sanctified Selfies To Instagram

Epiphany Is Celebreted At Vatican
Getty Image / Franco Origlia

In news that may have a grandparent or two tugging at your sleeve asking about “Instawha?,” Pope Francis has entered the snap-happy world of Instagram. Not only that, but he noted this new addition to his social media output on Twitter.

Using the handle “Franciscus,” the plugged-in pontiff has become the first Pope to hop aboard the service. (Feel free to use this time to imagine what Pope Benedict XVI’s Instagram output would look like.) Already clocking in at an impressive 811,000 followers in less than 10 hours, Pope Francis has put up for two photos for his flock to see. Here’s his debut Instagram offering.

We kid! The first Instagram picture from Pope Francis was an image of himself praying with the message “pray for me” written in a variety of languages.

The second picture that arrived on the account of His Holiness contains no caption, but follows a similar path as his debut image.

At the moment, Pope Francis does not follow anyone on Instagram, although we suppose that could be subject to change. Included in the Pope’s Instagram profile is the message: “I want to walk with you along the way of God’s mercy and tenderness.” No word yet on if any pics with Leonardo DiCaprio are coming our way.

(via People)