Cannabis Strains That Balance Relaxation And Euphoria For Summer 2020

We’re deep into summer so it’s high time (jokes for days!) that we show some love to our favorite seasonal strains of cannabis. To match the vibe of Quarantine Summer 2020, we’ve put a focus on high THC strains that strike a fine balance between chilled-out relaxation and energetic euphoria. Our previous lists — featuring strains ideal for melting away quarantine stress, and a collection of 4/20-worthy buds that would make the most devout stoners proud — were heavily themed. For this collection we’ve put the priority on flavor, curating a list with strains that taste as good as they look.

Light up one of our eight picks below, and you’ll be transported to a stress-free world — despite the fact that we’re living amidst a global pandemic in one of the hardest-hit countries on earth. Here are the weed strains to get you through the rest of the summer.

Kush Mints

THC: 23.1%
Strain: Hybrid

This delicious and beautiful strain is a cross between Bubba Kush and Animal Mints and has a mellow and minty flavor that lives up to its name and heritage. Kush Mints has notes of spiced lemon, with a woodsy aroma that brings on a quick hit of euphoria before settling you into a long-lasting chill that will calm your body but not weigh you down into couchlock territory. This strain doesn’t burn harshly, producing a milky and dense smoke that is pleasing to the throat, even if rolled up in the most basic of rolling papers.

With a THC content of 23.1%, this Hybrid strain packs a powerful punch, so if you’re a fairly moderate smoker we’d suggest sticking with a bowl’s worth to get you started, rather than rolling it in a blunt or joint, which will be way more than you bargained for if you aren’t ready.

Check Weedmaps to find Kush Mints at a dispensary near you.

Strawnana (aka Strawberry Banana)

THC: 21%
Strain: Hybrid

Sometimes known as Strawberry Banana (depending on the cultivator) Strawnana is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain more geared toward those who are looking to relax and ease pain — providing a head high that’ll keep you in your thoughts, which is perfect for those looking to meditate on a problem or self reflect.

A cross between Banana Kush and Strawberry Bubble Gum, Strawnana has a bright citrus flavor that is grounded by some deep herbal and peppery notes that blend together to give this fruity strain a relaxing aroma that enhances the smoking experience and will have you chilled out the moment you start breaking the buds.

Check Weedmaps to find Strawnana at a dispensary near you.

Amnesia Haze
THC: 19%
CBD: 1%
Strain: Sativa

Amnesia Haze has a pungent burnt lemon aroma that will instantly stink up your space once you light up. Luckily the high will have you on the move (and away from the smell) with its euphoric and energetic buzz. The perfect strain to burn when you’re working on a project, doing some housework, working through a problem, or getting some chores done, Amnesia Haze will melt away your daily stresses and keep you focused on whatever you’re working on.

While Amnesia Haze smells unpleasant, it’s subtly sweet notes of berry and earthy coffee tones give it a flavor worth savoring.

Check Weedmaps to find Amnesia Haze at a dispensary near you.


THC: 21.3%
Strain: Hybrid

Superglue has a piney and herbal flavor with a high that strikes the perfect balance between chilled-out relaxation and energetic joyfulness. What’s great about Superglue is it seems to adapt to your situation. If you feel like smoking up and binging on some Netflix or zoning out to your favorite album, Superglue will keep you in an analytical headspace so you can discover new layers to your favorite art. And if you’re looking for a great strain to light up after a long day that’ll relax your muscles and melt your stresses, Superglue is that too, thanks to its Indica dominant properties.

Check Weedmaps to find Superglue at a dispensary near you.

Maui Wowie

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THC: 20.6%
Strain: Sativa

Hawaii-grown weed doesn’t get the same attention as strains originating from California or Colorado, but Maui Wowie is one of the best-tasting strains on the market, and one of our favorite Sativas. The smoke from Maui Wowie is shockingly sweet with a nice blend of citrus, berry, and pine flavors that will be best enjoyed in a vaporizer or paired with a grape or vanilla blunt wrap. The high is giggle-inducing and will leave you relaxed and euphoric, perfect for chilling poolside on a hot summer day (if you’re lucky enough to have a backyard pool) or paired with a White Claw, gin and soda, or a LaCroix (for those not trying to get cross-faded).

Check Weedmaps to find Maui Wowie at a dispensary near you or pick up the strain through MedMen.


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THC: 23%
Strain: Hybrid

Mimosa is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with Purple Punch and Clementine genetics that produces a delicious citrus flavor with slightly sweet and floral tropical notes. Despite its hybrid properties, this strain is probably the last thing you’ll want to smoke if you’re calling it an early night and trying to relax — it’ll have you bouncing off the walls and breaking out into giggly fits.

Mimosa is also one of the few strains out there that can be described as arousing, probably because of the uplifting high that follows a single hit of this stuff. Even the most hardcore Indica-loving stoners will have to tip their hat to this powerful Sativa-dominant hybrid.

Check Weedmaps to find Mimosa at a dispensary near you or pick up the strain from MedMen.

Wedding Cake

THC: 23%-25%
Strain: Hybrid

We strongly recommended this strain as part of our spring break roundup and it’s making a comeback in our summer strains list because it’s that good. With its dense and sticky buds, Wedding Cake feels like a weed best reserved for special occasions, but there is no sense in letting it dry up on a shelf somewhere, crack open a jar and smoke it while it’s fresh! With an earthy and peppery flavor and subtle notes of citrus and vanilla, Wedding Cake tastes great, looks great, smells great, and will get you higher than any strain on this list.

Like an actual Wedding Cake, it’s experienced best in a group, so round up your housemates, hit the backyard, sit a dozen or so feet apart, and toast to the summer with this Indica-dominant hybrid strain.

Check Weedmaps to find Wedding Cake at a dispensary near you.

Skywalker OG

THC: 20%
Strain: Hybrid

Skywalker, like Blue Dream and Pineapple Express, is a strain with a name that carries a lot of weight. There are a lot of expectations surround this Indica-dominant hybrid strain — it’s often touted as one of the best — but don’t let that hype turn you off. Skywalker is every bit as good as people say it is. With a strong earthy aroma and notes of blueberry, Skywalker OG provides a heavily sedative high that is perfect for late sleepless nights when the summer heat is too unbearable for blankets and is keeping you up longer than you want to be awake.

Smoking Skywalker in the morning won’t shut you down though. Instead, it’ll hit you with a serious case of the munchies that might have you snacking throughout the duration of your high. A great companion to a backyard barbecue.

Check Weedmaps to find Skywalker OG at a dispensary near you.