The Web Reacts To The Death Of Osama Bin Laden With Gifs, Photoshops, Videos, Etc.

“We will kill bin Laden.” — Barack Obama on Oct. 7, 2008 during a presidential debate with John McCain.
They got him. Almost ten years after 9/11, they finally got him. Apparently living in a well-proportioned house in in the suburbs in Pakistan — as opposed to dwelling in caves as most of thought he’d been doing for the past ten years — Osama Bin Laden was killed by Navy Seals in a raid on Sunday. His massive New York Times obituary went live early this morning. He’s already been buried at sea so that extremists won’t be able to turn the site of his burial into some sick shrine.
The news of his death last night was one of those rare moments in life that most of us will always remember where we were and who we were with when we found out. I was at a post Jazz Fest party, pretty hammered frankly, eating crawfish and just feasting on life in general. Blissfully, the battery on my phone had long died and someone came running out of my friend’s house after getting text messaged the news. I came home about an hour or so later, turned on my TV, and there it was — thousands of people in the streets of New York and Washington, in the wee hours of the morning, celebrating.
And of course, the internet did what the internet does in moments like this — immediately barraged us with amazing gifs, photos, videos, photoshops, etc. By the time I got home last night, the photo above of New York City firefighters watching the news on ABC’s Times Square scroll was everywhere. Here are some other favorites, some hilarious and some poignant, that I ran across last night and this morning.

This one really needs no explanation, does it?
(via just about everyone on Tumblr)

It just wouldn’t be major news event without a Hitler reaction video surfacing on the web, would it?
God I love the internet.
(Via Roboshark)
Fox News can’t just can’t help itself, it seems.
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Of course someone photoshopped Obama shooting rainbows out of his hands while riding a unicorn. Of course.
(via Stephen Falk)
Apparently, Macho Man Randy Savage was the American special forces guy who took Bin Laden out.
(via Where’s Randy Savage)

This video of Philadelphia Phillies fans reacting to the news was pretty great.
Someone snapped this great pic of the scene at the World Trade Center last night with their iPhone.
( )
Good to see Matt Drudge keeping the whole thing in its proper perspective.
(via Mr. Hippity)
The FBI updated the “Most Wanted” list on their website to reflect the death of Bin Laden.
( )
LSU Freek, the Gif-master’s Gif-master, weighed in.
This guy in Pakistan live-tweeted Osama’s death without realizing he was actually live-tweeting Osama’s death.
More Obama gif madness.
(via RillaWafers)
A photo of the scene last night at the intersection of Vesey and Church near the Trade Center that made the rounds on Twitter.
( )
Another Twitter-hot photo from the corner of Vesey and Church.
( )
The front page of today’s New York Times.
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