T.J. Miller Has Been Replaced As The Mucinex Man Following Sexual Assault Allegations

Those who tuned in for Sunday night’s Super Bowl may have noticed that the voice of the Mucinex Man, who has been portrayed by T.J. Miller since 2014, sounded different in the company’s new commercial. In case it wasn’t already apparent, there has now been confirmation that Miller has been officially replaced as the voice of the charismatic green booger by ubiquitous actor and comedian Jason Mantzoukas. The timing of Miller’s replacement comes coincidentally less than two months after he was accused of sexual assault while attending George Washington University.

The woman, going only by “Sarah,” provided in graphic detail to The Daily Beast an account of Miller violently punching and choking her during a sexual encounter. Miller and his wife Kate Miller quickly issued a joint statement denying the allegations, but the damage has clearly already been done, as reported by IndieWire.

A spokesperson for Reckitt Benckiser, which owns the Mucinex brand, confirmed that Mantzoukas had been named the new voice of Mr. Mucus, but didn’t respond to questions about Miller’s exit. Nevertheless, the timing was likely more than coincidental, particularly with such a high-profile Super Bowl time buy.

Also, past spots featuring Miller as Mr. Mucus have been removed from Mucinex’s YouTube page (although two other old commercials without the characters remain).

After the news broke, Comedy Central quietly pulled the plug on Miller’s The Gorburger Show, however he remains involved in the filming of Deadpool 2.

In addition to the above “forecast” spot, Mantzoukas’ voice is featured in a series of humorous commercials poking fun at those who call in sick to work after the big game:

(Via IndieWire)