Did Kendrick Lamar Buy The Gun Used To Kill Trayvon Martin? No

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George Zimmerman’s abhorrent attempt to continue making money off of killing Trayvon Martin took a puzzling turn over the weekend. As reported, the exonerated murderer is trying to auction off the very gun used to shoot and kill an unarmed Martin in 2012. Zimmerman suffered a minor setback when auctioneers pulled the listing due to public outrage. But Zimmerman later found a home elsewhere which was later trolled by Racist McShootface and others. However, now reports are claiming Kendrick Lamar purchased the Kel-Tec brand 9-millimeter pistol from Zimmerman and destroyed it during a show.

“Kendrick Lamar secretly acquired the Zimmerman murder weapon from an online auction through his publicist and smashed it with a hammer,” FreddyMag.com claims in a post dated May 14th. The website says the Compton rapper purchased the gun to “end the senseless publicity stunt by George Zimmerman” and to prevent the weapon from being used by racists like Donald Trump and former Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

“I couldn’t chance it getting into the hands of some fools with as much hate for my people as Zimmerman, Trump, or that fool Donald Sterling who had the nerve to be racist in an industry full of n****s.”

While the quote sounds halfway legitimate, it’s actually a fake. Freddy Mag bills itself as a satirical urban culture news website and made up the whole “Kendrick Buys Zimmerman Gun” story. Unfortunately, the made-up report fooled Bishop Ernest Johnson of the Jesus Is The Answer Church.

The senior pastor shared the fake news with his 1,400 Facebook followers along with a fan picture of Kendrick that provided a hint of authenticity to gullible readers. He captioned the photo: “Kendrick Lamar purchased the gun that killed Trayvon Martin and destroys it on stage. God is leading him. We tip our hats to you, Kendrick.” The post has been shared over two thousands times.

For now, the gun is still being listed with the United Gun Group with a starting bid of $100,000.