Donald Trump Once Believed WikiLeaks Was ‘Disgraceful’ And Deserved The ‘Death Penalty’

In this 2010 clip dug up by CNN’s K-File, Donald Trump is seen speaking to Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade. The two men discussed how WikiLeaks published classified documents that were leaked by Chelsea Manning, and Trump reveals himself to be a non-fan of WikiLeaks’ practices: “I think it’s disgraceful, I think there should be like death penalty or something.”

Trump appears to be the latest Republican hopping on the WikiLeaks bandwagon after Julian Assange told Sean Hannity that Russia was not his source for DNC leaks. Furthermore, he believes that the Obama administration is trying to “delegitimize” Trump by blaming Russia.

Hannity’s interview with the embattled WikiLeaks founder has appeared to sway some people’s original feelings on him, namely Sarah Palin. The former Alaska Governor penned a letter on Facebook, saying Assange isn’t such a bad guy and that WikiLeaks, which she once compared to the Taliban, is just fine.

While Trump hasn’t fully embraced Assange, he tweeted that WikiLeaks is more right about Russian hacking than his own government:

Much like Palin, Trump is changing positions on an issue, which is nothing new. However, his recent comments seem to be a reflection of his feelings towards the investigation of Russia’s reported hacking efforts, which has inspired him to bash U.S. intelligence agencies.

Whether he truly believes Assange is up in the air, but it may give some insight into who Trump trusts.

(Via CNN)