The ‘Inside The NBA’ Crew Roasted Kenny Smith For His TMZ Beach Photos In Miami

The Inside the NBA crew got their first weekend off of the postseason, as they had Thursday through Saturday off before being back at the desk in Atlanta on Sunday night for Game 4 between the Suns and Nuggets.

With Formula 1 in Miami, Kenny Smith and Shaq both headed down to enjoy the festivities. While Shaq usually garners the most attention when he’s at events, it was Smith who became the more talked about Inside member in Miami after TMZ posted a number of photos of him and a young woman enjoying the sun on South Beach.

Once back in Atlanta for Sunday night’s show, it didn’t take long for the crew to poke fun at Kenny’s beach escapades, as Ernie Johnson teed up the fellas by cheekily asking if they had any photos to share from the weekend, allowing Charles Barkley to immediately go “I got one of Kenny!” sending Shaq into a fit of laughter.

The best part is Kenny trying to drag Shaq down with him, saying O’Neal was his “right hand man” all weekend, which Shaq wanted no part of. Ernie eventually offered Kenny a reprieve by getting to the upcoming sponsored segment, but not until he’d allowed Chuck and Shaq to get their jokes off about Kenny’s accidental TMZ shoot on the beach.