Spencer Dinwiddie Claimed Referee Tony Brothers Called Him A ‘B*tch Ass Motherf*cker’ After Giving Him A Technical Foul

Spencer Dinwiddie played an important role in the Dallas Mavericks’ 111-110 win over the Toronto Raptors on Friday night. After the game, Dinwiddie told the media about an interaction he had with one of the referees that worked the game, Tony Brothers, that appeared to really rub him the wrong way.

As Dinwiddie tells it, Brothers called him a “b*tch ass motherf*cker” after giving him a technical foul with less than a minute remaining in the second quarter. Here is a clip of the incident, in which Dinwiddie is called for a take foul and Brothers is very, very quick to give him a technical.

Dinwiddie kicked off his postgame press conference by explaining what happened here, which included the allegation that he was called a “b*tch ass motherf*cker” in a conversation with a teammate — in the above clip, you can see that Brothers spoke to Reggie Bullock for a little while Gary Trent Jr. stepped to the foul line.

“…what seemed to keep him irate, which was a clap, I think he thought it was disrespectful,” Dinwiddie said. “If you watch the games, and I know that’s what refs are supposed to do, you’ll see that I get the attention of my teammates, things of that nature. So, it was nothing personal. So, as a man, I would like to say I’m sorry, first and foremost, and secondarily, I would like to say, not only would I like my money back, but I would like to not be called a b*tch ass motherf*cker to my teammates.”

Dinwiddie went on to say that he hoped the NBA would not fine him. Brothers will not speak to the media on Friday, per Marc Stein.