The 76ers Partnered With Xbox And ‘Fallout 76’ To Make A Custom Pip Boy Console

11.06.18 10 months ago 3 Comments


For Philadelphia 76ers fans excited about the upcoming Fallout game, they have a chance to get a really cool Xbox One. Bethesda, Microsoft, and the 76ers are partnering up to create a crossover console that will have Sixers fans salivating at the chance to own an Xbox One if they don’t have one already.

The Fallout 76 themed console and controller comes with a Sixers logo on the top of the console and “Sixers” in Xbox-themed coloring on the front. It’s a very cool design and it appears to have actually had a little bit of thought go into it. They easily could have just slapped a logo on a Fallout console and called it a day, but a decent amount of care went into this.

“Xbox is pleased to announce a partnership with publisher Bethesda Softworks and the Philadelphia 76ers during the month of November to celebrate the upcoming launch of Fallout 76 on Xbox One

Unique collaborations will be revealed over the next few days, starting with today’s feature; the custom “Radioactive Edition” Xbox One X Console and Xbox One Controller. The design incorporates a radioactive Vault Boy, who’s gone too long without his RadAway, and several elements from both 76 franchises.”

The 76ers even had a Fallout 76 themed home game on November 3 to really dive into this partnership and honestly, it makes sense.

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