Adidas Made 8-Bit-Inspired Cleats And Is Selling Them Through A Home Run Derby Video Game

Adidas has some new cleats just in time for the MLB postseason, and if you grew up addicted to a baseball video game you might be out $130 dollars very soon.

On Monday, adidas announced some 8-bit-inspired adizero and IconV cleats with pizelated designs from video game past. Four colorways were shown off, and the release was paired with a video game that debuted online and on Snapchat to help show off the retro designs.

The cleats and the art that adidas mocked up for them have some distinctive vibes that are fairly easy to pick out. Here’s a Mission Hill level look from the Sonic the Hedgehog series to show off the blue pair.


The coin on the tongue of these cleats make it clear, though: there’s some serious Mario nostalgia at play with these.


The most distinctive of the colorways is definitely the red one, which basically looks like the cleat version of your favorite racing vehicle from an 8-bit driving game. These would look great on a diamond.


Interestingly, adidas is selling these cleats through a Snapchat game called Baseball’s Next Level, which is basically a pixelated home run derby game featuring some adidas athletes like Kiké Hernandez, Aaron Judge and more. The game’s pretty simple: you swing at pitches and try to get hits without striking out. It’s a fun time-waster, and if you’re in the market for some adizero cleats and also love pixelated baseball games you’re going to love the mashup.

The cleats are also available online for $130, but where’s the fun in that?