Bethesda Is Making Good On Its ‘Fallout 76’ Collector’s Edition Bundle Gaffe

12.08.18 9 months ago

YongYea on YouTube

Bethesda warned gamers that Fallout 76 was going to be a work in progress when it was released in November, and they were definitely right about that. An online Fallout game is an interesting concept, but perhaps one that won’t be fully-realized for some time. Still, fans of the series were willing to throw down some serious coin for the game, including a $200 Collector’s Edition that came with a bunch of Vault Tech swag and whatnot.

One of the major perks of that pack was a West Tek military-style canvas bag that actually looked pretty cool. It would make a nice addition to your Fallout cosplay or, perhaps, carry your workout gear to the gym. But when the pack was delivered to people that dropped two Benjamins on the game, fans were furious with the quality of said bag.

It was not canvas, but vinyl. And it kind of looked like a trash bag you’d put leaves in, not post-apocalyptic survival gear.

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