The ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ Remaster Reportedly Won’t Have Multiplayer, But Will Retain The Mass Shooting Level


One of the most beloved Call of Duty entries is getting a remaster, but it won’t feature any online multiplayer. This surprising report comes from CoD insider site CharlieINTEL, which has received information from a Raven Software employee confirming the recent rumors that the remaster is campaign-only.

Not only is this a shocking piece of news for the fans that were waiting to hop back into a 60+FPS version of the Estate map, but it also means that CoD: MW2 will retain the mass shooting single player level. Considering the growing gun-control movement amidst the tragic and continual news of mass shooters throughout the country, this seems like an unfortunate decision.

The game’s fourth level, “No Russian” depicts you as a terrorist shooting up a Russian airport, killing dozens. The act of terrorism sets off a series events that propel the story, but was also so intense that the option to skip the scene was offered in-game. If the story still works without having to pull the trigger yourself, one has to wonder if the scene needs to be in there at all.

In 2011, Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people and injured over 100 in Norway, citing the game as “training,” and game violence has come under fire from the White House, which showed the No Russian scene in its compilation.

According to the reports, an Amazon Italy listing has the remaster listed for roughly $25 U.S., which seems somewhat hefty if the game is only a 6-8 hour campaign. The decision to not maintain costly servers for another game could stem from not wanting to separate the player base even further with Black Ops IV (IIII?) on the way. There were various reports that described empty Modern Warfare Remaster lobbies on Windows 10 and Steam.

(Via CharlieINTEL)