The Antagonists Of ‘Far Cry 5’ Are Causing A Ridiculous Controversy Among Some Gamers

With a new day comes fresh controversy, this time from gamers who feel Far Cry 5‘s antagonists — a violent, extremist cult in Montana, are basically making Far Cry 5 into a “white genocide simulator.” This odd thought is coming from right wing tweeters and some pundits, who avoid the fact that none of the previous Far Cry games, many of which involved a white male slaughtering hundreds of indigenous peoples was never dubbed purposefully xenophobic. Ham-handed and cliché? Sure. But the context of the games and the narrative within them at least painted a picture of a hero doing what they had to as terrorists murdered their friends and so on.

What this reaction tells us is: sharply dressed white guys in vests can never be evil. Considering certain racist, coiffed white supremacists are finding the most TV time and support in decades, is this all that surprising? Sadly, no. Not if it comes from a certain, vocal minority.

The reactions to the reaction have been mocking of the controversy and show shock that people could actually think this is an earnest, liberal plot to digitally butcher whitey. After visiting just about every location possible in gaming, this reeks more of hitting the bottom of the barrel than a plot choice with genocidal subtext. Resident Evil 7 featured a caucasian family of “extremists” and no one was bothered by killing those freaks.

Twitter refuses to let these calls of “white genocide” go free without a healthy amount of jokes in the face of weird logic.