Thanos Is Dancing Around ‘Fortnite’ And It’s Ridiculously Goofy

Entertainment Editor

Fortnite and Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War mashup that sent Thanos careening into everyone’s favorite battle royale island started out so deadly Thanos was immediately scaled back to make it a fair fight. Now, just hours into the first day of Thanos’ reign, Fortnite has turned the Infinity Gauntlet into a deadly, mobile disco ball. It makes sense in a ridiculous sort of way.

Of course, the millions of daily Fortnite players are still doing their best to either become Thanos or take down The Mad Titan, but a large contingent of dedicated players are rushing to don the Infinity Gauntlet just so they can boogie down. Look at Thanos, likely dancing on the graves of trillions throughout the universe. Cold, but also oddly therapeutic for the big purple guy, right?

Watch Thanos dance. Watch as players gather around Thanos while he dances. Watch players chuck a boogie bomb at his feet, thus rendering him unable to do anything but dance. Consider an Infinity Dance War.

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