‘Groundhog Day’ Will Get A Sequel That’s A VR Video Game, Not A Movie

02.02.19 6 months ago

Columbia Pictures

Hollywood loves few things more than belated sequels and reboots, but they haven’t gotten around to making another Groundhog Day. Yet. The beloved Bill Murray comedy is about a cantankerous weather man who finds himself trapped in an infinite loop, repeating the same day for months, possibly years, possibly centuries.

That is, it hasn’t gotten a sequel until now. But it won’t be a movie; it’s a virtual reality video game. As per EW, it’s called Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son, and it will arrive at as-yet-unspecified date. The game will find Murray’s son (presumably sired with Andie MacDowell’s producer Rita Hanson) being trapped in his own infinite loop, also on Groundhog Day. Yes, that means Bill Murray will be your dad, just like you always wanted.

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