‘Halo Infinite’ Brings Master Chief Back To The Xbox One


Master Chief is back, and the Halo Infinite teaser trailer has just enough familiar scenery to give you a jolt of nostalgia about the original Xbox’s killer app.

Microsoft announced the Chief’s return at E3 on Sunday, dropping a video that gives us a first look at the newest edition of the Halo franchise.

At just over two minutes, the trailer doesn’t reveal much in the way of gameplay but does show a very Earth-like setting for the game itself. Lush forests, snowy winterscapes and strange deer are scattered throughout the trailer, and the game has never looked better.

The best part is definitely a shot of a Warthog racing through the wilderness as the camera pans up to a mountain and then, yes, the contours of yet another Halo ring. The trailer also showed some mystic writings and some runes some less-Spartan humans are exploring.


The trailer boasts that the game is powered by the Slipspace Engine, and it sure does look powerful. But there are lots of unanswered questions here. What does the Infinite in the title mean? Are there endless Halo rings, or did 343 Industries simply want to mix up the naming convention after a few disappointing titles?


We’ll find out much more about the game in the coming months, of course, but it’s good to see the Spartan back where he belongs.