Netflix Told Investors It Loses Viewers To ‘Fortnite’ More Than It Does To HBO

01.17.19 7 months ago

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Netflix is suddenly into sharing lots of information with the general public, though that seems to be because it’s information that makes them look good. It’s found hits in Bird Box and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and it wants everyone to know it.

Whether that streaming data is to be believed is another thing, but it’s clear that Netflix is feeling good about itself and its service these days. In fact, it feels good enough to enact a price raise that was well-received by Wall Street, too. Still, Netflix isn’t the only streaming game in town, and it knows things are getting crowded in the multimedia marketplace.

But the competition it’s worried about might not be what you’d expect. In fact, Netflix is officially worried about massively popular video games, not necessarily some bigger TV and movie outlets. In a letter to investors, Netflix’s official stance on its competition is that Fortnite is stealing more streams than HBO.

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