The Chinese Trailer For ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Proves That A Movie Could Be Pulled Off

Without Koushun Takami’s 1999 novel Battle Royale, there probably wouldn’t be a Hunger Games series. And without the combined cultural power of the Hunger Games movies and the cult-classic Battle Royale film, there would be no inspiration for the Battle Royale genre that has taken hold of gaming over the last year.

Now, with nearly a billion dollars in revenue earned over the last year, PUBG itself is becoming a touchstone of the overall action genre, and it’s not ready to just be a video game. Last year, PUBG Corporation CEO Chang Han Kim said the team has been exploring a jump in mediums.

“I’d like PUBG to become a universal media franchise based on the game. We want to take part in diverse industries including esports, movies, drama, cartoons, animation, and more,” he said. “In fact, we received a couple of love calls from a number of developers in Hollywood and Netflix. Our dream is to build a new game-based culture through various ways like this, and have the lead of that culture.”

Fans have also thrown their level 2 helmets in the staging area, making short films based on the game. They work well. Extremely well.

Considering the marketing of PUBG is focusing on a condensed, live-action view of the game, it’s only natural to think they’re poking at the possibility of a TV show or movie. This Chinese trailer for the game is non-stop madness, just like the game. It can absolutely make the leap to the big screen.

Let’s go back to where it all back for fun.