‘Rocket League’ Is Going Free-To-Play And Leaving The Steam Store ‘Later This Summer’

Rocket League is the sports game of choice for a lot of people who like juggling a giant ball with a car while flying through the air, and now the audience for that game will get a lot larger. Psyonix announced Tuesday that Rocket League will become a free-to-play game “later this summer” and will leave the Steam store for the Epic Game store as well.

Rocket League has seen a considerable evolution since it was first released on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2015. The game is on every console now and has become a big hit online. The game’s makers said on Tuesday that anyone who bought and played the game online before it went free-to-play will get “legacy status” and a number of bonuses, including an “Est. 20XX’ moniker that displays when they first started playing the game. Common items collected in the paid game will also become “legacy” quality and players will get a special boost, set of wheels and a player banner at no extra charge.

Psyonix teased some changes to its Tournament and Challenge systems and more details about the change to free-to-play, which wasn’t given an official date just yet, either. But it’s big news for a vibrant online community that’s likely to get a lot bigger now that it’s an extremely cheap game to get started with.