A Twitch Streamer Really Struggled With ‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ In This ‘SNL At Home’ Sketch

Twitch streams across the world are seeing additional viewers thanks to social distancing keeping everyone inside with not much to do, but not every stream is the most entertaining. In the “At Home” version of Saturday Night Live, that notion is taken to the extreme with a streamer who is absolutely terrible at Call of Duty‘s battle royale mode, Warzone.

In the sketch, Day plays Cam Playz Dat, who has decided to make the switch from Fortnite to Warzone. And it immediately goes poorly. Day dies almost instantly, and his respawn gets sniped as well. The comment section starts lighting him up, and Cam actually pleads with those watching to stop camping out near the respawn points so he can actually play.

Even when he manages to get going, though, he doesn’t last long. The point of the sketch is perhaps to say that not every streamer is great at games, and that when you’re not very good it doesn’t make for a very entertaining show.

In this case, however, SNL did do its research. Warzone has seen more than 50 million people give the free-to-play mode a shot in the last few weeks of self-quarantine, which is a pretty strong showing for a mode that’s barely a month old. Maybe with some practice Cam can get a bit better at it and his stream will improve. But then again, he can always just go back to Fortnite.