The Frustrating ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Jump Rope Mission Is Made Super Simple With This Glitch


If you’ve completed all the levels of Super Mario Odyssey‘s jump rope mini-game, congratulations. You’re a freak with too much time or your hands — or you’re just good at video games. For the rest of us, it is frustrating and seemingly impossible to best. A task that has forced many to seek shortcuts and cheats to get through by essentially “breaking” the game.

There have been a few glitches, tricks, and other tips shared in the past following the release of the game. Some folks tried to count jumps by focusing on the one character saying “hey,” others decided to fool around with the nearby Talkatoo, and some just muscled through with pure willpower. But this glitch might be the answer for many because it seems to take no effort at all:

As pointed out over at Boing Boing, there is a bit of a process involved in making this happen. You can see it in the video below, but you need to have beaten the main story of the game to unlock the extra puzzles throughout the world. This drops the letter puzzle in New Donk City and allows you clip out of bounds. The article isn’t sure if you need to position the letters exactly as you see in the YouTube video, but you’ll follow that lead, grab a scooter, and then jump it onto the M before quickly jumping off to possess it with your hat. There are some extra tricks involving possessing the R, but soon you could finish the jump rope challenge without even breaking a genuine sweat. Or breaking your Joy-cons.

If anything, this and the Luigi balloon challenges are an excellent reason to fire the game back up — If you stopped playing it in the first place.

(Via Boing Boing / DGR)