‘Super Nintendo World’ Theme Parks Are Coming, And The Rides Sound Awesome

On Wednesday, Universal Studios Japan and Nintendo announced a new Nintendo-themed area of their park in Osaka, which will be named Super Nintendo World. Similar parks are also planned for Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood after the park in Japan is completed in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Universal Studios Japan is spending about $350 million on the new section, which is about 30 percent more than they spent on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Much like their Wizarding World, the new Nintendo attraction will also have interactive features. Better yet, their signature ride is going to be based on Mario Kart, and — although they didn’t reveal much about the Mario Kart attraction or announce other rides — patent documents found by /film describe the karts and also suggest a Donkey Kong Country roller coaster is in the works:

Previously patent documents showed a ride vehicle built for two riders that is constructed to simulate a “drifting” effect. One rider would have control over the steering and speed of the vehicle while the other rider could provide the vehicle with various boosts and hinder other vehicles. Another patent for a “boom coaster” showed a ride vehicle that appears to be traveling along a track but is actually operated by a mechanical arm, allowing it to “leap” over obstructions, simulating death-defying aerial maneuvers over holes in the tracks like those mine cart from Donkey Kong Country, a video game property that has yet to be confirmed for the park.

Will the gift shop sell plush toy turtle shells that one might inadvertently drop while on the Mario Kart ride? Asking for myself.

(Via /film)