Discover How A Crashed Audition Gave Nintendo Icon Mario His Voice

Nintendo plumber extraordinaire Mario has sounded like Bob Hoskins and Captain Lou Albano in his lifetime, but there’s really only one Mario voice associated with the character. It’s the cheery broadly Italian one Charles Martinet has been providing for over a quarter-century with the company.

In a charming lil’ video profile from Great Big World, Martinet explains his relationship with the moustachioed icon and reveals some interesting tidbits. One of the nuggets? Martinet credits poking his uninvited nose into an audition with scoring the role.

“As I walked in, they were walking out. Finished for the day. And I said ‘can I read for this?'” recalls the voice actor. The casting guy obliged and provided the character’s description: “You’re an Italian plumber from Brooklyn, a character in a video game from Nintendo.” Martinet wasn’t particularly versed in video games, but the version he sprung at that moment would up being the winning option. The role also provided voice work bringing Luigi, Wario and Donkey Kong to life.

“The character for me, brings out the best in me and so I love that,” notes Martinet as he plays along with Super Mario 64. “I love sharing things. I go to meet Mario fans and I hear the most wonderful things.”

We hope you dig your job as much as this guy does. The profile’s more than worthy of a watch and we have it tucked above for your viewing convenience.

(Via Great Big Story)