‘The Walking Dead’ Will Soon Let You Murder Zombies Everywhere With This ‘Pokemon Go’-Style Mobile Game

Pokemon Go was a sensation when it was released in summer 2016, with some very devoted fans still keeping it alive today thanks to events and updates — at least when they don’t fall to catastrophe. But now it looks like they might get some new competition thanks to one of the most watched shows on television. The Walking Dead is set to release a new augmented reality game for mobile devices, turning your daily world into the world from the television series.

The Walking Dead: Our World claims to be the “first-of-its-kind location based augmented reality mobile game” where you will take on zombies anywhere you please in the real world. The could be hiding under your bed, in the front lawn, in the bathroom at work, or a busy city street. Live all your Romero fantasies by running from zombies in your local shopping mall and pretend to be Rick Grimes when your zombie misadventures land you in the hospital and you have to pass the time until you’re released.

Speaking of Rick, he’ll be popping up in the game to provide assistance it seems. Michonne and Daryl also appear, helping the player when they need it the most or when they least expect it. You also seem to be able to pick up power-ups and weapons along the way that will help you keep the dead at bay.

While this all seems like a fun idea, the follies and accidents that followed Pokemon Go around could only be magnified thanks to the more mature nature of The Walking Dead. The zombies in the game will be fake, but the chances of finding a real body out in the world are very high. Many Pokemon players found that out the hard way.

(Via Next Games)