Ubisoft Is Giving Everyone ‘Watch Dogs 2’ After A Giveaway Glitch

Watch Dogs fans who may have missed the first sequel to the franchise now have no excuse to give the game a second look in quarantine. Ubisoft announced on Monday that it will give away Watch Dogs 2 for free after a giveaway glitch made it harder for fans to get copies than they initially intended.

Sunday’s Ubisoft Forward event was a chance for the video game company to show off what’s in the pipeline this fall, highlighted by a first (official) look at Far Cry 6. The event also gave us a look at Watch Dogs Legion and its combat system, featuring gameplay where any NPC is playable.

To celebrate the new release, Ubisoft had teased free copies of Watch Dogs 2 if fans tuned into the event and logged into their Ubisoft accounts to claim the game. But according to a number of fans online, they struggled to get logged in and had password troubles.

On Monday, Ubisoft’s support account updated fans to say the game will be available for fans — whether they tuned in or not — until July 15. They included a link to register and log in to snag the code, and hopefully not encounter any problems along the way. It’s a nice gesture from a company hoping fans are ready for a lot more Watch Dogs this fall, and getting back into the ecosystem for free is as good a way as any to start.