Bethesda Addresses The ‘Wolfenstein II’ Anti-Nazi Marketing Which Continues To Infuriate Nazi Sympathizers

Entertainment Editor
10.07.17 7 Comments

Who knew that Wolfenstein II‘s slogan of “Make America Nazi-free again” would be controversial, but here we are in 2017 and it is for some reason. Despite the Wolfenstein games slaughtering hordes of Nazis for over thirty years, people that seemingly can only be described as Nazi sympathizers are coming out of the woodwork to call out Bethesda for “getting political” with their “leftist” agenda. This is real life.

The pushback seems to be from people who believe in an ideology rooted in ethnic cleansing and think they should be able to discuss those views without reciprocation. They’re lashing out at Wolfenstein II‘s marketing ahead of the game’s October 27 release because of phrases that reference the game’s alternate history in which the Nazis have taken over America. Phrases like: “Make America Nazi-free again,” and “No more Nazis.”

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