Xbox Officially Announced The Small, Digital-Only Xbox Series S Will Cost $299

After a leak on Monday, Xbox decided to go ahead and officially confirm plans for a small, digital-only version of their next generation console called the Xbox Series S, as well as the $299 price tag.

The Series S will have 512 GB of storage space with 120fps gaming on 1440p resolution, fitting in with the full Series X performance specs, just in a smaller package with less storage. PlayStation had already announced plans for a digital only version of the PS5, but Xbox finding a way to make a smaller, cheaper version of their next-gen console is a big step that could help them attract more casual gamers to upgrade their systems that wouldn’t want to pay a $499 price tag — which is the cost of the Series X. Here is the full specs video for the Series S.

The big question for the Series S is how big will next-gen games be to download, as 512 GB of storage is only really enough for 5-10 major current gen titles. Still, this is clearly targeted for casual gamers who might be hesitant to invest so heavily in a system who might only be interested in a select few games anyways.

On Wednesday, Xbox followed that announcement with the full release details for the Series S and the Series X.

Preorders will begin in two weeks, while the official release will hit on November 10.