Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump Is Returning To ‘SNL’ Tonight

It looks like the president-elect won’t have the time to look into the horrors taking place in Aleppo tonight. Why? Because Alec Baldwin‘s going to make fun of Donald Trump on television and Trump will have to tweet about it because that’s how this works now from some batsh*t crazy reason.

Tonight’s edition of Saturday Night Live features Casey Affleck and Chance the Rapper as the star attractions, but Baldwin’s Trump has also been teased to pop up on the broadcast. How? Via the magic of Twitter, of course.

Provided this isn’t just a confusing fake-out where it’s actually the cue cards that are being promoted, it’s a safe bet that Baldwin and not John Cena will be playing the vocal SNL critic/host. President-elect Trump has made no effort to hide his fury at the show’s depiction of him and has spent more time complaining about a late night comedy program than a president-elect typically would. Considering that SNL has been criticized for not being vicious enough with Trump, this could still escalate to new and more surreal levels.

“It was a good show, but it’s not a good show anymore,” said Trump on TODAY when laying out what he feels has changed since he hosted in 2015. “Nothing to do with me — there’s nothing funny about it. The skits are terrible. I mean, I like Alec, but his imitation of me is really mean-spirited and not very good. I don’t think it’s good. I do like him, and I like him as an actor, but I don’t think his imitation of me gets me at all. And it’s meant to be very mean-spirited, which is very biased. I don’t like it. So I can tweet that out.”

Well, if anyone would know about what’s mean-spirited

*waits politely for cheap applause*

Based on another Alec Baldwin tweet from today, it appears we’re due for another angry Trump response between 11:36 p.m. and Sunday’s morning political chat shows.