Alec Baldwin Lectures Donald Trump Following The President-Elect’s Latest Criticism Over ‘SNL’

Hamilton wasn’t the only target of President-Elect Donald Trump’s ire this weekend. He also had some words for Saturday Night Live, the show that allowed him to guest host in the middle of a campaign but has since decided to turn its gaze towards his nastier habits. Alec Baldwin’s return as Trump on Saturday’s broadcast didn’t sit well with the president-elect, forcing him to vent and ask about equal time on the air:

The difference this time is that the man who played Trump on Saturday night was paying attention and decided to hit back at Trump’s criticism:

Baldwin was very publicly in Hillary Clinton’s corner during the election, even having a very public spat with his brother Stephen over the latter’s support of Trump. It got pretty heated near the end and will likely make for one awkward Baldwin Thanksgiving dinner, if they even get together in the manner people wish they did. It’d be funny if it was like The Waltons or something, but the reality probably isn’t as fun.