‘SNL’ Gives Us A Peek Through The Eyes Of Donald Trump With Nightmarish Results

Entertainment Writer
12.11.16 2 Comments

If there was one a perfect role for John Cena on this week’s ‘SNL,’ it was definitely as the mirror Donald Trump. Of course the future president and business tycoon would picture himself as a cut, bulky wrestler with gigantic hands. What 70-year-old man wouldn’t picture themselves like that?

It’s sorta like a weird version of reality dumped inside the plot of Being John Malkovich, though probably more like Being James Brown from Mad TV. Trump sees himself as the perfect guy and loves himself, just like most assume the real guy does. And when he’s faced with the nightmares of criticism and hate, he goes to his happy spot and vents his frustrations. We call it Twitter and it’s public, which is nice.

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