The Final ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Spot Sums Up The Entire MCU With One Promise Left To Keep

Ten days remain before Avengers: Endgame will tie up the MCU’s Phase Three in barely over three hours. There’s plenty of storylines to tie up with the ultimate goal being to defeat Thanos and, hopefully, reverse the snap that killed half the universe. As part of the final lead up, Marvel Studios Disney has released a final trailer/TV spot that zooms through a decade of movies — from Iron Man all the way to Infinity War — that, of course, covers several decades of superhero and supervillain shenanigans.

Every MCU movie nabs a slice of airtime here after Nick Fury’s voiceover about heroes, and very clearly near the end, we hear Doctor Strange’s previous (and ominous) declaration: “We’re in the endgame now.” Tony Stark, who has found his way back to earth with Nebula, tells the group that “before we’re done, we still have one promise to keep,” and we once again hear Captain America vowing that “whatever it takes,” they’ll finish their mission. There’s more shots of those unimpressive space suits, but they’re easy enough to ignore, considering that Endgame might be the most anticipated movie in cinematic history.

We’ll find out if that’s true when Avengers: Endgame arrives on April 26.