Let’s Guess What’s Actually Real About This New ‘Avengers: Endgame’ TV Spot

Depending on who you ask, Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo are either purposefully using fake footage (or shots that have already been cut from the film) in the latest trailer, or not. It all depends on how you interpret the pair’s recent interview with Empire magazine, in which they admitted to considering “all scales of marketing” for the purpose of “[preserving] the surprise of the narrative.” (After all, they did this with the Avengers: Infinity War trailer.) So what might not be real in this new TV spot?

Well, much like last week’s trailer, the spot begins with a brief collage of clips from previous Marvel films that specifically features characters who were dusted in The Snap. King T’Challa, Stephen Strange, Hope Van Dyne, Bucky Barnes and Peter Quill all get a shoutout this time — along with the same black and white coloring (aside from the occasional red focus). As for new footage, there is none. The second half of the spot quickly runs through a few cuts from the trailer, along with the shot of remaining team’s new white suits.

So if the Russos are faking anything in his spot, then what is it? What’s real and what’s not? Obviously, no one outside of Marvel Studios is going to know this until the movie’s world premiere in April. But if you compare the team shot from this teaser (and last week’s trailer) to a similar one from the Super Bowl TV spot, it already looks like the number of members present in the scene has been changed. (Many fans were speculating about this very thing when the Super Bowl spot first aired.) Maybe we can conclude that we can conclude nothing.

That, or we’re all just a little too impatient at the moment.