‘Deadpool 2’ Gets A New Release Date As Fox Shuffles Its ‘X-Men’ Films Around


Get your Deadpool miscellaneous fluids Fun Zone ponchos ready! Fox has done some rescheduling and that means the Merc with a Mouth’s sequel will be coming earlier than planned.

*pauses to let the phrasing trick Deadpool into crashing through the UPROXX fourth wall for a saucy one-liner*

Deadpool 2 is hitting theatres two weeks ahead of its original schedule, reports Variety. Instead of coming out June 1, the Ryan Reynolds R-rated splatstick adventure will be released on May 18. It’s an intriguing move because it trims down the gap between Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity War (debuting May 4) by two weeks. One week after Deadpool 2 makes it to the multiplex, Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives as May’s next big movie.

Fox’s Marvel slate is changing in non-Deadpool ways too. Two of the studio’s X-Men affiliated projects have been bumped back on the schedule. Originally set for April 12 2018, The New Mutants sees its release date pushed back by ten months to February 22, 2019. Meanwhile, the perpetually delayed Channing Tatum fronted Gambit movie will no longer be coming out on Febuary 14, 2019 and instead debut June 7, 2019. Seeing as Gambit is on the hunt for a new director since Gore Verbinski’s recent exit, that might not be the end to Gambit’s rescheduling.

Returning to the cheerier subject of Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds confirmed the new date in style.

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May 18. #MaximumEffort

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(Via Variety)