‘Deadpool’ Sets A New Standard For Crafting An Effective ‘For Your Consideration’ Awards Video

We’ve already pointed out how the awards season is already a little odder because Deadpool is involved. The Merc With A Mouth made his presence felt at the Golden Globes in the musical or comedy category, but now Fox and Ryan Reynolds have their sights set on Oscar gold. The chances of the film actually leaving the show with an award for Best Picture are very slim, but it’s definitely fun to see a film like this get a nomination in the main category. Mad Max: Fury Road getting a nod last year just cemented how awesome it was, so why not the same for Deadpool?

Now with that, Reynolds posted the “For Your Consideration” video above and it raises the bar for all the other marketing and pandering that happens each year during awards season. Not only does it turn up the silliness a bit, but the clip references Deadpool‘s rocky road to the big screen. That includes the infamous leak, the fan response after its release, and Fox finally giving the film a greenlight.

The result was a lot of money and awards consideration for Fox and Deadpool, so it’s easy to understand why they’re making fun of it now. I’d certainly vote for it after watching this clip, all across the board for every category. Hugh Jackman could get a supporting actor nomination out of this and maybe even some sort of side award for Ryan Reynold’s baby hand.

(Via Ryan Reynolds / Deadline)