Deadpool Himself Responds To ‘Deadpool’ Being Nominated For A Major Award

The advertisement for Deadpool was in many ways as entertaining as the movie itself, with funny pictures, a self-referential Green Lantern joke, 12 days of Deadpool, Valentine’s Day pranks, and the emoji billboards. And now the ad team’s maximum effort has earned them a 2016 Clio Award nomination for Best Integrated Marketing Campaign. (Hey, it’s a major award!) About which six-time Academy Award viewer Ryan Reynolds says, “I know right? Whose balls did I have to fondle to get nominated for my very own key art? I can’t tell you, but it rhymes with pull-verine.”

Reynolds/Deadpool makes the case for them winning the award with the typically fourth-wall-breaking video above. He talks about the movie’s massive successes: breaking eleven box office records, including highest grossing R-rated movie ever, biggest R-rated opening weekend, and biggest February opening weekend, all despite being banned in China and having a budget of around $58 million. He also speaks of some of the unique ways they built that success: tastefully murdering Mario Lopez (“F*ck you, Slater!“), giving Conan O’Brien a full-body massage with panda tears to get a red band trailer on network TV, promoting testicular cancer awareness, and dropping one perfectly-crafted, in-on-the-joke advertisement after another:

That’s a real winner winner chicken dinner. And we like their odds of winning this one. I daresay they may even be prematurely celebrating tonight.

(Via io9 and The Clio Awards)