A New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Final Season Teaser Gives Us A Literal Battle Of Ice And Fire

As April 2019 inches closer, the anticipation for the final season of Game of Thrones is becoming more palpable by the minute. Shooting scripts are being analyzed, cast members like Kit Harington are declaring themselves done for good and everyone’s trying to figure out when HBO will finally show us that massive battle. On Thursday, the final Thrones episodes got that much closer when the premium cable channel released a new teaser depicting a literal battle of ice and fire.

It’s just a teaser, of course, and offers no actual footage from the show. However, its title “Dragonstone” and some of the surreal images it teases offer a few clues regarding the coming battle. Specifically, the teaser begins with the creeping ice making its way across the land and engulfing what appears to be the House Stark direwolf and a dragon. Meanwhile, across the way, House Lannister’s golden lion bursts into flames, almost as if it’s ready to combat the coming cold.

Much of this alludes to things audiences have already seen, from Viserion’s transformation into one of the Night King’s minions to the warring houses’ haphazard attempts to form an alliance against the coming White Walkers. But maybe there’s something hidden within this teaser than fans haven’t seen yet. Who knows?