Interview: Hali Ford talks ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’

I'm still not sure why Hali Ford and her alliance were so surprised at the end of Wednesday (April 8) night's “Survivor: Worlds Apart.” 

I guess I can understand why Hali was surprised. It would have been reasonable that, given the options in her four-person minority group, the game steering Blue Collar group would have targeted the seemingly stronger Jenn or the seemingly more annoying Shirin rather than voting against Hali, who proved a patriotic member of the newly merged Merica Tribe.

But even after talking to Hali, I don't get why they assumed that wobbly Blue Collar partisan Sierra was going to join their anti-Dan vote, nor why anybody had a reason to expect either Will or Tyler or anybody else to give them enough votes to actually succeed. 

In this week's “Survivor” exit interview, Hali tries to explain what went wrong with the vote, why she was disappointed in Joe's strategic play and why it was more important to target Dan than Rodney. She also suggests that had she made it through this vote, she was prepared to move over to an alliance with Mike, even though we never saw them bonding on TV.

There were phone connection issues here that left me tentative about asking several Constitution studies questions that I had ready. I just wasn't prepared to have to repeat and over explain that sort of question. Apologies.

Check out the full Q&A below…

HitFix: At the end of the Tribal Council you guys all looked shocked by the result. 

Hali Ford: That”s accurate.

HitFix: Okay well who was the sixth person who you guys were convinced was with you?

Hali Ford: In my mind it was a crapshoot. I had a different plan going up. I thought maybe we could snag Tyler and hopefully we still had Will onboard. I wasn”t sure about that. Things were a lot more nebulous but it wasn”t exactly a vote counting. It was cast your bread upon the waters and hope to reel the votes in. Honestly.

HitFix: Had you had any awareness that Will had voted for you in the previous Tribal Council?

Hali Ford: Yeah. So after the first vote when me, Shirin, Jenn and Joe were on the beach I was surprised when they were talking about the votes counted. When we left Tribal Council the first, after that council I was like, “Okay, Will flipped.” And then we were on the beach they started discussing it and I was like, “Wow, so y'all don't think Will flipped.” I talked to Will. I subtly interrogated him the next day. I think we were down at the river and I was hurting that he flipped. I went to Joe I was like, “Joe, you need to drop all of your planning with Tyler. You need to get Will back on our side because we need to have Will.” Everyone was so convinced that he was with us that they changed my mind and I became convinced that I was paranoid. I wasn”t paranoid. But I learned, you know, on “Survivor” you”ve got to trust your gut. I should have gone with that.