Kevin Smith Reveals Zack Snyder’s Original Storyline For A ‘Justice League’ Trilogy


Kevin Smith has been on a roll this week, forsaking hockey jerseys, memorializing Stan Lee, and revealing details about the Justice League trilogy Zack Snyder was working on before a death in the family derailed his plans. Joss Whedon took over Justice League (our review here), which ultimately made less money than expected (Aquaman outgrossed it in just a week) and was the subject of much speculation about what Whedon changed, including rumors about a different cut of the movie existing (leading to some fans incessantly clamoring for the “Snyder cut”) and rumors about Batman getting killed in a sequel. Even Kevin Smith lent credence to that first rumor, referencing a “darker” version of the movie made by Snyder.

Smith is once again hinting at a different cut being out there, and he also dropped details about what the original plans were for a Justice League trilogy that would go to space and involve the Green Lantern Corps. (!) He dished all this to co-host Marc Bernardin in the Fatman Beyond episode below (the Justice League stuff starts about 33 minutes in).

The “Snyder cut” part is brief; Smith references “both versions” of Justice League at 34:35 in the video below, after which it cuts to the next part of the conversation, leaving people to speculate about what he said that had to be cut.

Smith said he spoke to people who saw the original Jim Lee breakdown boards for the trilogy while he was at London’s Pinewood Studios during his emotional visit to the set of Star Wars: Episode IX. He revealed that the ending of Justice League originally included a cameo from Darkseid when Steppenwolf leaves Earth and returns to his home planet via a Boom Tube:

“[The League] saw Darkseid, and Darkseid saw them. Boom tube closes, and that’s the end of the f*cking movie. With them all knowing there’s something out there, and we have to go.” (Via)

Another big change to the first movie of the trilogy is a repurposed scene involving Alfred (Jeremy Irons). When he was happy to see someone, it was Superman in the Joss Whedon version (Josstice League?). The original plan, according to Smith, was for this to be the arrival of Green Lantern.

Smith says Justice League 2 would have seen the League — including Green Lantern and the Lantern Corps — traveling to Apokolips to fight Darkseid. It ends badly, Smith revealed, “like Empire Strikes Back or [Avengers:] Infinity War.” Darkseid and his Parademons conquer Earth — as seen during Bruce Wayne’s “knightmare” in Batman V Superman — and the third movie sees the League in “the heroes’ last stand against Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips.”

It’s unlikely we’ll ever see any of this play out. Snyder has returned to the zombie genre, and Ben Affleck is probably done with Batman. To quote Smith in the video below, “I really feel like hearing what we heard, we might have missed something.” At the very least, we missed out on seeing which guy named Chris would get cast as Green Lantern.

(Via SyFy)