Lando Returns In ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’: Billy Dee Williams Joins Cast


Everything you’ve heard about Billy Dee Williams returning as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: Episode IX is true. The rumors started when Williams began a new exercise regimen and had to bow out of a scheduled appearance at a convention because of a “film schedule conflict.” Now The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed Episode IX is the film he’s joining, which we imagine might look like this:

This will be Billy Dee Williams’ first return to the Star Wars live-action big screen since Return of the Jedi (1983), although he’s voiced the gambling space pansexual in several other projects, including Star Wars Rebels, The LEGO Movie, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, Robot Chicken, four video games, and more.

Lando’s return in Episode IX shouldn’t be a surprise, considering Lando’s upsurge in popularity and Williams’ undeniable interest in coming back. The movie will also need a parental figure for Kylo Ren to get all emo about now that Han, Leia, and Luke are likely absent. Hopefully Uncle Lando knocks some sense into the little sith when the film opens December 20th, 2019. At least that’s what we assume he’s there to do, unless…

Gasp. The Keri Russell casting was a clever misdirection.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)