Video: Paul Walker in his last HitFix interview, for ‘Hours’

Paul Walker died yesterday at the age of 40, only two weeks before his film “Hours” was scheduled to head to select theaters. Just last month, he made the rounds promoting the film.

The drama is set during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and the actor played a new dad stranded at a hospital to keep watch over his newborn daughter. And even wth all the desperation, isolation, peril and exhaustion, the “Fast & Furious” actor said the part was “actually the easiest” of his career.

“There’s no game, no nonsense. You go and tell the truth every day. You live the experience. You’re not trying to be anything, not selling a product, you’re not trying to look cool,” he said.

The small-budget film was obviously a big contrast to his work on the car-based action flicks, starting with what he said was a tone of “reverence” on the New Orleans set. The crew — led by writer and director Eric Heisserer — “could have made a lot bigger movies” with bigger coffers, but everyone seemed so “committed.”

“If it’s not good, that means I screwed it up,” Walker said. “I had to be so present. It’s hard to tell the truth. It was really refreshing. It was a breath of fresh air to do it.”

Watch what else Walker had to say about the set and the picture, among his last.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for “Hours” confirmed the film will head to select theaters and to VOD on Dec. 13.

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